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RMS Cosmetics.

I recently discovered an amazing organic makeup line called RMS. I was flipping through C Magazine and saw that model Angela Lovell had listed an RMS product as one of her best beauty secrets. It's called the "un-cover up" and it's a flawless foundation and concealer in one. It was rated by Allure Magazine as the 2012 winner "best of beauty awards", and by ELLE  magazine as the 2009 "best beauty product". I decided to try it out based on these accolades. I was very hopeful about this product and after trying it, I'm excited to say that it delivered all that it claimed to.

RMS Beauty is an ingenious makeup line created to protect and improve your skin, while making it look its best. It was created by New York based celebrity makeup artist Rose Marie Swift - RMS. After experiencing a health scare related to heavy toxic metals in her system, Rose-Marie created the all organic skin care and color line. It's formulated with raw, organic ingredients in order to keep the natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants intact. It provides natural sun protection, rejuvenation, hydration and nourishment for your skin. It's a wonderful concept that one can wear makeup that improves and protects the skin. My clients have been inquiring more often about all natural cosmetics. I've been on the search for a few years to find natural products that deliver the same beautiful application and durability that chemically processed cosmetics have. I'm happy to have found RMS because I love the way it looks and feels on my skin, and all of the products are designed to be used with your fingertips, which makes it quick and easy to apply.

"Un" Cover-Up.

My favorite product is the "Un" Cover-Up. This foundation/concealer is mind-blowing. It goes on so smoothly and evenly and blends directly into my skin tone. It takes approximately 2 minutes to apply. You can use this product as a foundation, eye shadow base and under-eye concealer. When applying, start with one section of your face and then move on to the next section until you're done. Keep blending with your fingers until it's completely blended, but not entirely rubbed into your skin. You can wear this foundation alone for a slightly dewy look, or set it with their "Un Powder" for a matte look. I have yet to try the powder, but have very high hopes for it. With a powder brush, dab onto each section of face wherever it's shiny.

Lip 2 Cheek "Smile".

My second favorite product is the Lip n' Cheek. This product glides onto the skin easily. I like a lot of blush and blush tends to fade, so I apply a couple of layers. Apply this product directly onto your cheekbone and blend slightly upwards towards your hair line. This product will give you a natural and lovely flushed look, depending on the shade that you choose. My favorite color is Smile. It's a beautiful, translucent apricot shade. Since it's designed for both lips and cheeks, you can dab some onto the lips for a perfect, peachy pout.L

Lip Shine.

RMS also has a creamy lip shine. It comes in a pot that you can dab onto your lips for a subtle tint of color. It's not sticky or tacky like many lip products. It's emollient and feels exquisite on the lips. Because it doesn't contain any toxic ingredients, you won't get the peeling lip syndrome. Instead, you'll have nourished and smooth lips. My favorite colors are Bloom and Sacred. Bloom is an everyday subtle rose shade and Sacred is a lovely pinky red that goes on very sheer for a pop of color on the lips. They're both great for Spring! 

Give it a try and let me know what you think of this awesome line! You can purchase it locally at